Hi there and welcome! My name is Mary Scott but most people call me Scotty.

Truthfully, I have been feeling an urge to blog for years, but never really felt like I was in the right season. When we moved to Oklahoma for some of my husbands army training (Daniel is an active duty officer in the army), I was very lonely and bored with no friends or a job. We didn't have an oven or a stove (we lived in a hotel on the army base), so I created an outlet and challenge for myself to still cook like I always would. I started making recipes in our hotel with a plug in skillet and toaster oven and blogged my recipes and shared about the experience of surviving for 6 months in a hotel (haha).

Now that we are back to civilization a little bit, the blog has emerged into a lifestyle and food blog of sorts. It's a place where I write words that are on my heart, share recipes, stories, and all sorts of other things. My prayer is that the blog can be used to meet people where they are in authentic and vulnerable ways, while also being a fun place to talk about food, clothes, and favorite things!

I am a Christ follower, a native Southerner, and an army wife living on the Georgia coast!

Thanks for stopping by!