Advent Resources

Well everyone it's officially December 1! What even, right? It's like I got married yesterday, and here we are about to celebrate seven months of marriage. But that's the reality lately - the older I get, the faster it all goes. We hear that all the time growing up and sweetly roll our eyes at our parents because that's such a parent comment, and of course, yet again, they were right! 

BUT REALLY HEY DECEMBER! November & December - just my two most favorite months of the year! Peppermint mochas, fuzzy socks, Uggs (don't judge me - you know you love them too deep down), Christmas music in full swing, pretty cookies, and stockings, and trees! EEK I just can't even with all the excitement! I will say I have been loving our new Savannah home, but it's been 80 degrees this week. AKA I can't wear my fuzzy things. I am so sad about it - please pray for cooler weather!

More importantly, I love December 1 because I can finally start my Advent Devo! I have been using the same Advent devotional for the last 4 years from Amen Paper Company (formally Naptime Diaries). I love it so stinking much. They offer open submissions to any women to submit their writing to be a part of the devotional, so we get to hear from so many beautiful women throughout the entire month of December leading up to Christmas. They also provide an Advent Calendar with gorgeous paintings or scripture that you can hang around your house (some of them pictured below) to help you stay inspired, to remember to rest in the season that is known for the crazy and the hustle, and to simply add to the beauty of decorating for Christmas. 

You can still purchase this calendar, but if you feel stuck or too late, another incredible resource is the Advent devotions at She Reads Truth! I usually do both side by side during December because I just can't get enough Advent. 

My prayers and goals for December for myself and all of us:
-That we would create space weekly for God to reveal something new about Himself through the birth of Jesus. 
-That we would cultivate meaningful time with our family and loved ones. This looks like driving around to see the lights in neighborhoods, making cookies, sitting by the fire with our phones in another room. 
-That we would practice loving our bodies - this means enjoying the cookie and not being mad about it, but not going crazy.
-That we would seek rest amidst the parties and gatherings and errands and wrapping presents.
-That we would watch Christmas movies. 
-That we would actively reflect on 2016 looking at both the blessings and hardships, accomplishments and setbacks, so that we can set meaningful goals for 2017. You can find my favorite resource for this here

ALL God's people said AMEN AND LET IT BE!