Friday Favorites No. 1

Well, here's to trying something fun because its FRIDAY! I thought it would be cool to round up some things I am loving on Friday's because I snap or put them on Instagram story so why not make it a blog post! Maybe in the future there will be a "beauty edition" or a "clothes edition" or (because it's me) a "kitchen appliance addition" because WHO DOESN'T LOVE THIS STUFF. I love a good chat with someone learning what's fun in their lives, so here you go!

1. Swell Bottle : Everyone needs one of these - it's giving me iced cold water despite sitting in my 106 degree car and THAT is a win, people. 
2. Steve Madden Booties : Y'all!!! I stalked these booties like a mad woman during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, because they kept going in and out of stock in my size! So thankful they came back in stock because they are so fabulous, chic, and I get asked about them every time I wear them!
3. Vitamin E Oil : Introducing the sole product that has completely redefined and healed my skin. I wash my face with CeraVe, and then I put a dime sized amount of the oil on my face. I let it sit for about a minute and then wash a little of the oil off, and pat dry. The moisture is insane and doesn't clog your pores with more oil, as I thought it would!
4. Uninvited : Lysa TerKeurst is one of my favorite authors, and even someone I used to work for so I am obviously biased but Uninvited is an incredible book! She tackles the realities of rejection. The biggest take-away for me was the idea of "living loved" -- meaning that when we live from the sole placed that we are loved daughters of God, we don't have to live from a place of rejection. Go grab a copy! Every copy purchased goes to help women in India learn more about Jesus and how to read. 
5. Boom Chicka Pop : All I have to say is the serving size is 4 CUPS. The End. Most addicting snack ever with few calories.
6. Mac Huggable Lip Stick : Think lipstick that looks like gloss -- feel's great, looks great, and truly "hugs" to your lip! I wear the color touche and it't a great everyday color.
7. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey : Since living in Oklahoma and not knowing any other ladies or people outside of Daniel's platoon, podcasts have been my saving grace to get the feeling that I have people around. Jamie Ivey's podcast is SO STINKING FUN because 1) it's call Happy Hour 2) she has over girlfriends who are autors, podcasters, speakers, or influential in some way 3) the conversation goes all over the place from adoption, church, fake eyelashes, coffee, tv shows, and how God is changing them at that point. I am cracking up and crying in every episode and I can't say enough great things!! 
8. Present Over Perfect : All I should have to say here is that Shauna wrote another book so go get it, because if you have ever read ANYTHING of Shauna's, you'll never look anywhere else again. Present Over Perfect has been so "soul refreshing" for me. Truly taking time to ponder each essay in the book, thinking of how I am spending my time and spending my soul. It's no surprise that it's great, because hello, SHAUNA. 
9. Sally Hanson Gel Polish : So if I maybe wasn't on a newlywed budget, or just could justify a gel manicure every two weeks (dream), then I would never look at store bought gel polish. BUT this stuff actually works just like gel! I love this stuff because the brush is wide, making it easy to paint, and it looks like and STAYS ON like gel polish!! Truly so great. 
10. Avalon Organics Lavender Body Wash : Daniel and my most treasured product. It takes us to the spa in just one shower. The smell of lavender, the way it doesn't dry out our skin, the massive bottle it comes it, just all of it! We LOVE THIS STUFF! And it has a matching lotion :) 

What are some things y'all are loving that I need to try?