Charlotte Recap - Food Edition

Happy Monday all you beautiful people! I am back from a blogging hiatus after being back home in Charlotte, NC all last week! Man, did it do my heart some good to be back with some friends and family after being away in Oklahoma for a few months. 

For those of you who don't know, Charlotte has quite a lot to offer you in the food department -- and let's be honest -- this is a huge reason it's so hard to move away! Luckily for us, our next home may even beat Charlotte in this department - PTL! 

Being the foodie I am, I took some photo's of some of the yummy meals I had when I was home, so come take a look!

Sunflour Baking Company

There's no question about this - if you live in the Charlotte area, this has to be your next stop! There is a full coffee menu, so even if you need an afternoon pick me up and want to get out of the office to do some work, this is the place for you.

I went with my old boss and dear friend to Sunflour just to catch up and see her new studio. She told me I had to get the sandwich she always gets as well as two deserts -- as if she needed to twist my arm! We got the Avocado Melt -- think mashed avo, goat cheese, spinach, and turkey on homemade rosemary sourdough. I'M SORRY WHAT. Yeah. I had the same reaction when I took my first bite and ate every single crumb of it. Plus some homemade chocolate chip cookie and half of a caramel cupcake... yes, I left dealing with some food guilt but it was still a very good decision considering there's no where for me to go like this in good ole Lawton, Oklahoma. We have to savor every once in a while. 

Do yourself a favor and JUST GO ALREADY!


One morning when I was home I got to grab lunch with my wedding videographer turned absolute treasured friend. We went to littleSpoon which is the precious baby corner restaurant in the heart of Selwyn in Charlotte. 

Their menu is unlike any you would come across in normal restaurants -- meaning that they have breakfast and lunch items served all day, but they are interchangeable and all appetizing. Better yet, just think a brunch tapas type restaurant. Items like sweet potato risotto with a poached egg (I have to try this next time), breakfast tacos, porridge (pictured below), and all sorts of yummy biscuits, etc. Another great place to try!

Fran's Filling Station

Oh Frans... wow. This was some kind of experience. 

For some reason this was my first time to Fran's although it's one of my family's favorite spots. The owner and chef, Fran, knows my Dad by name and yet this was still my first time. I blame college. 

Nevertheless, this meal was everything. From the intimate atmosphere to the daily specials to the rosé, I was hooked.

We all shared the ribboned Kale Salad to start -- AKA my bestie. Seriously, give me all the beautiful kale salads. I had a hard time picking out a main dish because the reality was that it was my last meal before I was back to living and cooking in the hotel... So I had to choose fish, because it's the one thing I cannot cook in the hotel without the reality that it would stink for the next week. The salmon was perfectly seared to give it a yummy crust, and paired with a quinoa and arugula salad with pesto. It was phenomenal and a great way to wave goodbye to home. 

I am back in Oklahoma ready to take on the next 5 weeks before the next big move. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST HERE?! Life is just blowing my mind these days. I'm actually getting sort of sentimental about leaving this place -- I know shocking. I plan to do a post on this and why in the coming weeks. Have a great Monday!