October 2016 Goals

Happy Tuesday sweet friends! In todays post, I am talking about goal setting for each month. Lara Casey, the creator and editor of Southern Weddings Magazine and Lara Casey Shop, created an incredible tool called Powersheets. The whole point of Powersheets is to work through year, month, and days intentionally and on purpose. 

At the beginning of each year, you work through a series of worksheets to help you dream big and define your purpose. You have to work through sheets about personal fears and doubt, sheets for reflecting over how you feel, how your last year grew you, what is working, whats not working. You define what gives you life, and what's making life harder. These sheets help you walk through each area of your life to point out that if you live your life on purpose, you truly can make things happen!

I am going to take you through my October 2016 monthly, weekly, and daily goals so that you can get a good idea on how to start doing this for your Life! This is not a sponsored post, I just truly believe that utilizing this tool has changed me, and can change you too! The 2017 Powersheets go on sale on Nov 1, so I'll make sure to tag the link with my November Goals post so you can buy yours then!

Monthly Goals:
1. Finish wedding thank you notes
2. Plan a roommate reunion
3. Purge things in Oklahoma for a more efficient / minimalistic move
4. 8-10 quality blog posts
5. Enjoy adventuring to Waco, Dallas, and cross country trip back to east coast
6. Spend less money on coffee -- more defined in weekly goals
7. Quality time with Oklahoma friends before the move

Weekly Goals:
1. 4-6 workouts - at least two being outside
2. Scheduled phone free hours - usually 4pm - 8pm depending on work
3. No shopping - helping with a more minimalistic move
4. 30 thank you notes complete / sent
5. Call one girlfriend on the phone
6. Put laundry away after folded
7. A walk with Daniel each week outside
8. Only 2 coffee purchases out a week, except when in Waco :) 
9. Date Night

Daily Goals:
1. Quiet time
2. Read a chapter of a book
3. Active - not a day of sitting unless Sabbath
4. 8-10 glasses of water
5. Food Journal

How do you plan your days and weeks? Are there tools that help you? Hope you have an amazing day!