April 2017 Goals

Hello from Charlotte, friends! My sweet husband is in California for deployment training, so I am traveling around and will be at home the next few weeks. I am so excited for April! This month, we celebrate both our birthdays, go on our anniversary getaway (what!?), enjoy warmer weather, and spring clothes! Eep! 

I have always been a sucker for this time of year. It reminds me of the beauty of seasons. That even in the dark, cold times in life, we can look forward to warmth and color and blooms. We can remember the faithfulness of God, and look ahead knowing that this season really will come to an end, and bring beauty and growth along with it. 

With the warmer weather, I have been feeling an enormous urge to learn more about gardening and planting an herb garden. There's something healing about watching something bloom from where it's planted, after tenderly watering and watching for thing to come forth from the ground. I think it would be a constant reminder for me of the same idea in my own life. If you have any great resources, please send them my way!

If you are new to this blog space, welcome! Every month, I share my Powersheet goals on the blog. Powersheets are intentional goal setting worksheets that help you live your life more defined and on purpose, so you can cultivate what really matters in your life. I will share a link in the bottom of this post :) Happy April!

Monthly Goals

  • Plant an herb garden / planters for Spring & Summer
  • Less guilt for doing fun things while Daniel is gone
  • Continued self care routine
  • Workouts (4-6 days)
    • 3 runs
    • 3 hot yoga classes
    • 2 weight sessions
  • 10 minutes of stretching and meditation every day
  • Implement everything I have read and learned in my productivity research 
  • Create Pinterest within Spredfast for P31
  • Creating things that are fun / reflecting on how my life moves on when army life takes Daniel away
  • Blog photoshoots
  • Content Calendar
  • Weekly Newsletter 

Weekly Goals

  • 5 chapters of a book (currently reading The Broken Way)
  • Social Media free Sunday's / Sabbath even without Daniel
  • Date nights when Daniel is home!
  • Journaling date at least once a week
  • A bath once a week
  • Workouts
  • Be on top of mail / thank you notes


  • Quiet Time
  • Workout
  • 80 oz water
  • Track bills & receipts on Every Dollar
  • Stretch time