Bloggers Who Beautycounter & A Giveaway!

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Hi friends! Today is such a fun day on the blog. I am joining up with my team of Beautycounter Bloggers to do a fun tell all and a giveaway! I am so excited for you all to get to know some precious women who have become sweet friends of mine over the last few months. We are basically a group of best friends who don't live in the same place but love the same things, or as Amy Beth puts it "like long lost sisters of my new safer skincare sorority". I mean?! Yes. Amen sister.

1. Introduction


For those of you who are new around here, I’m Mary Scott! Yes — two names — I am a Southerner through and through. When I was growing up a lot of people shortened my name to Scotty, thus where the Sincerely, Scotty came from.

My husband is an active duty US Army officer and we reside in the charming Savannah, GA area! I work for Proverbs 31 Ministries doing social media and content creation. I am an avid reader, a health nut, a lover of all things in the kitchen, and coffee addict. I am so happy you're here!

2. How did you first learn about Beautycounter?

My friend Emily reached out to me to see if she could simply send me some products to try because she had been following my health journey and thought Beautycounter would be right up my ally — and she was right! I was hooked instantly, and if you’re someone who already uses Beautycounter, you know why. The products are safe without sacrificing performance, and I cannot get enough! 

3. Why did you join as a consultant?

I am the kind of girl who tends to shout things from the rooftop when I find things I love. Naturally I was going to be telling everyone via my blog, social media, and friends about my favorite products and the mission of Beautycounter so why wouldn’t I dive in completely? I would get products at a discount and also be able to rant and rave about an incredible company that is on mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone! 

Another big reason for me was that I had the potential to make real income through my Beautycounter business. I already have a remote job that I LOVE, but I had been searching and brainstorming more ways for me to bless our family financially without me having to go somewhere in person to work everyday. With our lifestyle in the Army, this was a huge motivator for me! Beautycounter consultants can make anywhere from fun weekend money to full time incomes — and I can say with complete confidence that my Beautycounter business has blessed our family so much!

4. What is your favorite thing about being a Beautycounter consultant?

My favorite thing, and the most unexpected part of all this, are the women I get to work with everyday. The girls I get to call co-workers with Beautycounter have become some of my closest friends, and we talk everyday! I have loved this aspect because working remotely can be super isolating and lonely, and having community to talk through business ideas or simply cheer one another on has been the best part for me. We use the app Voxer to send walkie talkie messages and it makes me SO HAPPY! Let me link them all below so you can read their posts as well :) 

Rachel Awtrey
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Lisa Kirk
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Amy Beth Campbell
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Lauren Foster
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Terrah Jones
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Cathryn Grivna
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Claire Ruskin
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5. What is your current daily skincare routine?

The Nourishing Line is my go to! It has completely changed my complexion. My husband literally always says “Your skin is so clear. Your skin is so smooth and bright!” It is such a clean and soft treatment, and I never feel dried out or irritated. 

I do the cream cleanser twice daily, except for when I incorporate the cream exfoliator 2-3 times a week! The day and night cream are amazing to use after each wash. 

I also try and do a face mask 1-2 times a week, and I typically alternate between the #3 Balancing Line and the #1 Brightening Line. I put on a robe and everything because #selfcare. 


6. Which is your #1 favorite Beautycounter product and why?

This is so hard because I use everything from the body wash to lip gloss! I will talk about my current favorite for this week of fall 2017 😉 

I love the Lip Gloss Fig paired with the Lip Sheer Currant. These colors are the most fun especially in early October!

As far as other products go, I have been loving using the Cleansing Balm every few days for a deep conditioning face wash. The price point on this item is high, but it will last a whole year! Also the Lip Conditioner is a recent purchase of mine and it's by far the best chapstick I have EVER used. 

7. Which Beautycounter product is on your list to pick up next?

I am most excited about some of our new Holiday Collections! I have been DYING for a non-toxic alternative to a highlighter, more pigmented eye shadows and lip sheers and we finally have them!! I am also excited for our new Smokey Eye Trio, and the new lip color Poppy. Literally the best shade of pink/red I've seen. Can anyone else not wait to break that out at this year's Christmas party?!!

Now for the fun giveaway! Use the Rafflecopter link below to be put in the drawing for a mini spa set of your choice! The spa set comes with a face mask, a facial mist, and a facial oil. We have a Brightening, Plumping, and Balancing line, and as I mentioned before I typically alternate between Brightening and Balancing. The giveaway ends October 15th and we will announce the winners on October 16th. 

Thanks so much for joining us today to hear more about our love for Beautycounter and the business opportunity. If you have ANY questions about Beautycounter, products, or the business opportunity, I would love to talk! XO