Collins Quarter

Favorite thing about Savannah? Food, food, food. 


Me either.

The first weekend we lived here, we tried Collins Quarter for the first time. Since then I have been back four more times and have ordered something different every time! From Avacado Mash, to eggs beni, to a pulled pork hash, and vietnamese iced coffee, you truly can't go wrong. Although the food is phenomenal, we all know it wouldn't be the same without an equally amazing ambiance, amen?!

Collins is nestled on a corner right in downtown Savannah. Inside you'll find gorgeous exposed brick (one of my favorite things ever), eclectic booths, plates, silverware, etc. Gorgeous natural lighting and humongous windows. They even have a precious outdoor pick up window for take out and coffee. Most days you'll even see everyone sitting outside with their dogs. It's simply a delightful experience. Anytime I have people ask me where to go for brunch when they are visiting, this is always my first suggestion!   

What kinds of things make certain spots your go to?! Let me know if you ever come to Savannah, and I'll meet you there in a skinny minute.