February 2017 Goals

2017 PowerSheets Collection

Happy February everyone! I keep saying this but really with each passing month, I can't even believe how fast time is moving. Daniel and I started thinking of where we want to go for a few days to celebrate our first anniversary -- I'm sorry, WHAT?! Golly, it is blowing my mind!

Most of you know that I am a Powersheets fanatic. For those of you who don't know what these are, they are intentional goal setting worksheets that Lara Casey and her team at Cultivate What Matters create to help women set intentional goals to truly cultivate what matters in their lives and families. I have been doing them for a year, and they are definitely my favorite resource that I use. Each month, I will share my heart with you guys about my monthly, weekly, and daily goals. I missed doing the whole "year goals" post so this will just serve as an idea of what some of my goals are. I will separate them by category. Also before I continue, they are sold out of the Yearly 2017 goal setting worksheets, but they still have the 6 month at a time one's available, which are still great! If you click the link below, it will take you right there! And just for truth telling's sake, if you buy powersheets or anything from this company, I will make a small profit. BUT I am not writing this post to make money, trust me. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Monthly Goals

  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Develop blog growth (newsletters, consistency, interaction)
  • Finish ALL wedding related thank you notes (this is my first priority - I need this off the list!)
  • Have a group of people over for dinner this month
  • Go through closet / kitchen and sell or giveaway what I don't want or need
  • Study scripture on the power of my words (more about this later)
  • Develop a strong work schedule for me (I work part time at Proverbs 31 Ministries)
  • Read 1 book
  • Prayerfully decide about what I put in my mouth / how much (a post on this soon)
  • Less tv time with Daniel and more intimacy

Weekly Goals

  • 2-3 blog posts
  • 5 chapters of a book
  • 4-6 workouts
  • All household chores done by Friday afternoon
  • Weekly intentional DO NOTHING Sabbath 

Daily Goals

  • 75-80 oz of water
  • Keep a food journal
  • Jesus & Quiet Time & Reading
  • 2-3 thank you notes
  • Workout
  • Floss & Lotion by body
  • Kiss & encourage Daniel intentionally 

What are some of your goals this month? I would love to know how I can cheer you on!