God Centered Identity

I have been having this conversation with my husband a lot lately - What does it look like for us, me and you, all of us, to truly live out of our God centered identity? 

What does that even mean?

It means we have a choice. I can live out of a ME centered identity that is linked to my pride, OR I can live out of a GOD centered identity which has nothing to do with me.

For example, Daniel was sharing with me about a situation at work that made him feel embarrassed and unqualified. Something most of us face in day to day living. But this was like really getting to him, and it made me ask him this question - "Daniel, are you living out of a you centered identity or a God centered identity? Because when you live out of the identity that you can never fail, and when you do fail you are worthless, it hurts your pride and you can't deal with that. BUT if we decide to live out of a God centered identity, we don't have to feel that weight." 

When we live out of our God centered identity, we see ourselves as He does - chosen, redeemed, loved, and co heirs of Christ- it is easier to let the weight of the things we did wrong fall off us and onto Jesus. We don't have to carry something Christ went to the cross to carry for us, and praise God for that. This allows us to actually live in the freedom He came to earth to give us.


Galatians 5:1 says "It is for freedom that Christ has set you free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery."

I believe God knew all along that our controlling and selfish hearts would be prone to hold on to our downfalls, our sin, our failures, because how could God still love me even after I did that? This verse comes as a command to let God be God. We are not good enough to forgive ourselves for our own sin, but God is. 

So friend, sister? Will you join me in my daily pursuit of living out of the identity that God so graciously gave me to walk in? Loved daughter, perfectly unique, cared for, sought after. When I decide each morning to listen to what Jesus says about me rather than the nasty lies of satan, I can experience the freedom God died to give me.