Harvest Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap

Oh hey there, friends! Welcome to a new week, a new start.

Oddly enough, I was so eager to start this week! Daniel and I have been working on creating new rhythms in our week so that we can learn to actually start taking a Sabbath. More on this in a post soon, but since I literally laid around and watched tv and napped after church yesterday, I felt good about getting back into my routine this morning (I even got up at 5 to start going)! Maybe we should all start "actually" obeying God in our rhythms of rest, amen?

One of the new rhythms I am implementing for myself for both healthy eating reasons, but also just plain organizational reason is prepping meals ahead of time. If my meals are prepped, fruits and veggies are washed and cute, then I am likely to easily choose those foods instead of the bad snacks. 

Introducing a quick, healthy, high protein meal! This chicken salad is both salty, sweet and crunchy which satisfies all my needs in a meal. It's also easy peasy, and we all need a little bit of that in our lives today! I love to put my chicken salad in a Bibb lettuce wrap with some salty plantain chips on the side - my mouth starts to sing trust me! I will link my fave plantain chips here!

1. 1 large rotisserie chicken (or slow make your own -- I will write my favorite way below)
2. 1 cup sliced red grapes (more or less based on preference)
3. 1/2 cup chopped red onion (more or less based on preference)
3. 1 cup of chopped celery
4. 1/2 cup of vegenaise (or regular mayo / greek yogurt)
5. 1/2 tsp of sea salt
6. Pepper to taste
7. Bibb Lettuce (or bread of choice)

1. Shred your chicken
-- To make your own shredded chicken: season 2-3 chicken breasts however you like, place in a baking dish. Tightly wrap the dish with aluminum foil, and bake for 2 hours at 325 degrees. Grab two forks, and get shredding! 
2. Place all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir
3. Place the chicken salad in or on top of Bibb lettuce and chow down!