Life Lately: Volume 1

Hey there friends - long time no see it feels like! Full disclosure, I have had such a hard time figuring out / sticking to a rhythm here on the blog. I have such big dreams for what I want this platform and space to be, but I keep letting "life" get in the way of my dreams here on the ole blog. Bad girl, bad girl. Most of the time it really is life that has gone in front of the blog, like Daniel needing me, house keeping, travels, etc. But more often then I want to admit, it's me choosing something like mindless scrolling and Netflix that has kept me from getting into the right rhythms, and for that I am sorry!

So today I am just going to give some life updates: things I am loving, things I am learning, and everything in between!

1. I am loving living on the coast - I mean loving it. The pictures at the top of this post are right down the road from me, and it doesn't even feel real. A few days ago, it was 82 degrees and people were going to the beach? What even is life? Ask me again in June/July how I feel about the weather and my opinion may be different, haha.

2. I am loving the local small business / food scene in Savannah. Basically it is my inner foodie's dream come true. Daniel and I made a promise to each other that we wouldn't buy or go to "chains" that we normally would. That may come across as high maintenance diva to you, but when you live somewhere with this much diversity in the food and drink world, it's a shame to go somewhere you've been a million times. There are probably 15 coffee shops downtown that are always packed because the truth is, they are sooooo much better than going to Starbucks. Each place has their own unique artsy ambiance - it is! I am sharing my favorite places so far in a post soon!

3. I am loving our house. Truthfully, our house has been such a life-giving place for me! After living in the Holiday Inn, it's just amazing how much I appreciate house things like a dishwasher and a pretty pillow and a comfy couch. I will do a post soon sharing pictures on this pretty place / the story behind it!

4. I am learning to root down where I have been planted. Truthfully with Daniel's schedule being nuts and him being here and there so much, I have been traveling home a lot. Every time I do this, I feel 10x more stressed and almost like I am giving everything in my life 1/2 of me. I haven't be able to make any big dents in any of my goals, because I have given myself no consistency! So I decided no more. Here's to loving Georgia, making and praying for new friends, getting involved in our community, finding the right church, etc. 

5. Way Station Coffee - my home away from home in our town. Have you guys ever had a place that is SO life giving for you? This coffee shop is that for me. Since I work from home, I spend some entire days of the week in this old house turned coffee shop up the road from me. The ladies in there (a mama and two daughters who own/run the shop) know everyone's name, sit down with their customers to get to know them more, and obviously have great coffee and food. I tell them all the time that there business is a local ministry in disguise because of the way they love their customers and create space for people to meet and be fed. I <3 them so much!

6. My Instant Pot. GUYS! Where have I been in the pressure cooker world? Goodness gracious this guy has saved my life. The ease / quickness that this little gadget has given me has been amazing. I will link it under the "buy kitchen" tab at the top of my blog and at the bottom of this post if you're interested!

In other news, I wanted to share a great resource that my friend Rachel is providing! Have you ever been interested in blogging but always get stuck because you don't know how to start? Sign up for this webinar and get some crazy good advice and resources! 

I hope yall have a stellar TUESDAY!!! xoxo