Make This or Buy That: Hummus Edition

Happy Monday friends! I am kicking off a new blog series called Make This or Buy That - talking about and comparing the cost to buy certain items or make them at home. I have found that if I am smart about this, I can really save some money and make a cleaner recipe because I am in control of what goes inside, and there are zero preservatives (like citric acid, etc - things that are in store bought items to keep the fresh for long periods of time)!

The first item up to bat - Hummus. 

We love having hummus in the house because it is great for an afternoon snack with veggies, on toast, or on top of a burger at dinner! It is tasty and adds great flavor to healthy items. I was noticing that I was spending so much for such a tiny container! I decided to do some research and make this at home with my food processor. I found this amazing recipe from Minimalist Baker and it makes SO much for cheaper, and it's better tasting in my opinion. 

These are two of the hummus brands I was buying / their sizes/prices:
Sabra Hummus: 10 oz (1.2 cups) -$3.99
Simply Organic 8 oz (1 cup) -$3.99

Ingredients for this recipe:
Garbonzo Beans: $.69 per can
Organic Tahini 16 oz (2 cups - you use 1/2 cup in recipe ~ $1.25 for one serving): $4.99
1 Lemon: $0.69
Garlic $0.49
Assumed Items: Salt, Peper, Olive Oil

The cost to make at home for 4 times the amount - $3.12. 

After conducting this experiment, we find that it is, in fact, cheaper to make 5-minute hummus at home rather than buying at the store!

I hope y'all love this series! Comment below and help me decide the next item to tackle!

I also wanted to remind everyone about the Facebook Party I am hosting tomorrow night talking about BeautyCounter! Here is the link to RSVP - I can't wait to have you!