March 2017 Goals


Well another month has passed - what the heck?! I have to say I have some spring fever over here. It's been in the upper 70s and 80s in Savannah which is amazing, yet slightly terrifying because if it was that hot in February, what on earth will summer feel like? But it has meant that we've gone to the beach a few times (Tybee Island in the picture above^), and I am still wrapping my brain around the fact that we are considered locals in a coastal place. It's mind-boggling! Thanks Army!

I am so excited for March. My HUBBY IS HOME for the next few weeks before he heads out to pre-deployment training for a month, and I go on lots of trips to see all my favorite people. This month is also when my sis - cousin, but sis ;) - says I DO to her precious fiancé. I can't even believe it's here. Except I can, because time is fl-yyyy-ing. Golly. 

Sharing some of my goals for this month! I also linked an image below for Cultivate What Matters shop in case you're interested in perusing their incredible company / shop items! 

1. Continue eating Raw until 4 - Vegan / Plant based diet (more on this in another post! Feeling Ah-ma-ZING)
2. Blog Newsletters / 2-3 posts a week / Photoshoots for Blog Content
3. Weekly Sabbaths (this has been life changing for our family)
4. Self care / Beauty (do my hair a few times a week, mani / pedi's at home)
5. Workout routine: 2-3 yoga, 2 runs, 1-2 HIIT workouts
6. Continue de-cluttering / organizing closets and cabinets
7. Sell clothes on Poshmark
8. Contact people on my Intentionality list for this month
9. Have people over for dinner once this month
10. Work Routine
11. Look into gardening / planting vegetables for this summer
12. Look into blog partners
13. A "me only" date day to the beach to read

Weekly Goals
1. Date night if Daniel is home
2. Four to six workouts
3. Intentionality List  
4. Blog Routine (M, W, F Posts)
5. Self care goals
6. Sabbath
7. Thank you notes / birthday / anniversary cards (on iCal)

1. 75-80 oz water
2. Active / Workout
3. Laundry
4. Jesus / Quiet Time
5. Read a chapter of a book
6. Pray with Daniel daily
7. Track all my spending on Every Dollar

What are some of your goals this month?!

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