St. Simon's Island: Anniversary Trip!

Happy MAY! With May comes sunshine, warmth, flowers, and summer. So excited and grateful. 

Daniel and I just got back yesterday from a little beach getaway from an early anniversary trip to St. Simon's Island! Seriously, this place. It was the perfect size for visitors - so many cute shops, right on the beach, delicious food! We had such a great time. We stayed at the King and Prince Resort, and it felt like we were in Mexico! I put a video up on my Instagram stories, and so many people were shocked when I said I was 60 miles from my house. It was so beautiful. The resort was everything we needed it to be. Pool, beach, coffee, porch reading, close to the town, etc. We can't recommend this place enough!

The first night we were there, we ate at the restaurant at the resort called Echo. It was amazing! This was one of the best salads and pieces of salmon I have ever tasted. I had a sparkling rosé, and Daniel had a burger and fries with a beer - so fancy. 

The next night we ate at an incredible place called Del Sur. Like so good we had breakfast and dinner here on Saturday! We both started with an empanada - SO good. For dinner, Daniel got a pasta dish with olives, rigatoni, tomatoes, and it was flavorful and amazing. I got another arugula salad with salmon - I must have gotten addicted.  THEN dessert - oh my. Authentic tiramisu and cappuccino. It couldn't have been a better expereince!

It's been so interesting figuring out the best way to vacation with a husband. I like to lay around and read, and maybe go for a walk. Daniel wants to explore, find sharks teeth, and be active. We have realized that we need to be somewhere where we can both read and get active, swim and take naps. Marriage is continually teaching me and growing me in ways I never know, and I am thankful. Cannot wait for our next trip!!