The Life Giving Home

Home is to be a safe place, a refuge for all who enter, a protection from the harm and storms of the world. Yet often or even daily we open our doors — usually via television or the internet — to ideas and images that can damage our faith, abuse our hearts and minds, sear our psyches, and tear apart our peace. Home should be a place where, behind its doors, one should expect to find protection and safety from all the harms of life, including voices that do not speak truth or wisdom. Only the foolish would invite just anyone to enter the door of their home.
— The Life Giving Home, Sally Clarkson

Happy Monday, sweet friends. I hope this new week finds you rested and ready to take on this new week! I recently finished the book "The Life Giving Home" by Sally and Sarah Clarkson, a lovely mother and daughter written book on what it means to cultivate a life giving home in our lives. Honestly, this is one of the best books I have ever read. They dive into the simple ways each of us can create a place for friends, family, and even strangers to feel known, accepted, and loved. 

A few weeks ago I had some friends from college come to see us in Savannah, and I decided to put a little bit of what I learned in the book into practice. Let me preface by saying that no where in this book do they emphasize a need for your house to look or be perfect, but more about creating space for needs to be met. I started by thinking of what I may need or want if I was a guest in someone's house. I first thought about something to drink before bed, and potentially something yummy to smell either soap or candle. I also remembered that it can be awkward when you don't know where the towels & linens are. So I gathered two towels, a candle, yummy soap, and sparkling water to have by their bed. This is just an easy simple gesture to provide so they don't have to worry about it. 

Next (and maybe most importantly) came thinking about food. What foods do they like? When are they going to be getting in? They will probably want a snack, or something sweet, or a fun drink! Having a stocked fridge ready to be opened and used without ME is key -- when you come to my house, take what you want, the end. Open door policy.

I urge each of you to pick up a copy of this book! I will attach a link below <3 

How do you like to provide space for your loved ones?