The Story Behind Our Home

Today I want to share some photos and the story behind our Georgia home! Most of you know that when we lived in Oklahoma, we lived in a Holiday Inn Express hotel for 5 months (bless). While we did survive, and did actually have some of the best times living in that little place, I never had the opportunity to have my own space to decorate, a kitchen to cook in, or a way to have people over the way I have always dreamed.

I am blessed with some of the best aunties in the world, all who have their own unique gifts. Some are wonderful cooks, some are fabulous decorators, great mamas, great listeners. I am so thankful for the things I have learned from each one of them, especially as I have become an adult and a wife. My dad's sisters happen to be incredible decorators, so once we found our house, I immediately pulled them into the furniture planning process. 

My first question - How on earth do we buy a couch? A comfy, beautiful, but affordable couch. We knew this would probably be the couch that one day ends up in the kids playroom, so we actually went with a slip cover couch. And now that we have an all white couch, I am thankful for the fact that I can slip off the cover and wash it at any point. This couch is hands down the comfiest spot in our house. Best part - its long and deep enough for two which means snuggles, so duh, I'm in love :) We found this couch at Strobler in Columbia, SC!

We got the white chairs to match our couch at Stobler as well. The unique shape of the chairs add a fun flare to the room!

Question number two: how do we add texture and fun to this space? My aunts are the queens of fur and texture. They gave me this fun cowhide rug that really brings the room together. The coffee table was a fun find at an antique store. 

This past Christmas, my grandparents gave us this beautiful armoire. My Popsie made this with his own two hands! It is such a treasure to share this story with people who come into our home. One day I may even turn it into a wardrobe for me?! Who knows!

Since my mom passed away, my brother and I are blessed with tons of family pieces that have been passed down for years, so we really didn't have to buy much! A lot of what I already had was restored and / or recovered to fit more of our style. 

These bucket chairs were my great grandmother's! They were bright floral and were coming apart at the seems, so they were recovered and restored and are perfect for this reading nook downstairs. Talk about a great find - the mirrored chest was less than $100 at Stein Mart. The rest of the items were Homegoods /Marshalls / TJ Maxx. 

Our kitchen table was actually the kitchen table I had growing up! Our dogs had chewed some of the legs, so we got this refurbished and it's perfect for this space. My mother-in-law generously surprised us with this gorgeous light fixture, and it was also purchased from Stobler in Columbia! Pieces like this that are a little pricer really add so much to a room.


This is a snapshot of our entry way. Literally each of these tables were my moms, and the gray / gold table used to be black and had an Oriental painting on it! It's amazing what some paint can do!!

There was a little bench in the entry way that we weren't quite sure what to do with. My aunt had some leftover fabric and made some pillows and a cushion to add some flare with some Target baskets underneath for shoes, etc!

This home and the way it all came together is truly an enormous outpouring of love. It was almost impossible for me to be super hands on with everything being 25 hours away in Oklahoma. My aunts literally drove all over the place gathering furniture, getting things made and refurbished, and thinking of every last detail for us. Not only this, but they spent 2 days in our home before we left Oklahoma moving and setting up everything. I mean everything - like even washing and ironing our sheets and making all the beds and getting fresh flowers and toilet paper and paper towels.

Like what on earth?

I tell this to people and they tell me what I already know "that is not normal" - and y'all, it isn't normal. The way my family loves on us, especially the women, is unmatched. Since I don't have my mama, having 7 other women who treat me like I'm one of their own is such a gift and hug from God. I am so thankful for them for blessing us abundantly. It has been such a tranquil and life giving space for us. 

Do you have any questions about furnishing a home / buying furniture?!

Katie McGee Photography