Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl

PEOPLE! I can't shout it from the rooftops enough, smoothie bowls are changing. my. life.

Ice cream thickness, sweet, smooth, filling, beautiful. I just feel like I am loving myself every day around lunch when I whip one of these up for myself. I have always loved smoothies bowls, but my wallet definitely doesn't. Most places sell smoothie bowls for $10-$12 dollars, and it's ridiculous! I understand it, because produce is expensive, and most of the healthy toppings are as well! I kept buying them when I would go out because I could never get the right texture and thickness when I made them at home. 

Until now.... dun dun dun...

Shout out to one of my new favorite blogs Earthy Andy for teaching me all the smoothie bowl ways. I realized I just had to take my time and let these slowly come together with minimal liquid. 

Ingredients for One Bowl (potentially able to split):
1. 1-2 frozen bananas cut into slices
2. 1 cup frozen peaches
3. 1 cup fresh or regular mangos
4. Large handful of spinach
5. 1/4 cup coconut water (more or less on getting the mixture to blend)

Optional Toppings
1. Nut butters (I use almond butter)
2. Hemp and chia seeds
3. Any desired fruit
4. Unsweetened Coconut
5. Rawnola 

1. Put all ingredients in a blender and let it sit to defrost some. 
2. Blend until ice cream consistency

*Note if you don't have a good blender you might need little bit of liquid or more mashing with a sturdy spoon! 

Do you want more smoothie bowl recipes in the future?? It's my new favorite thing!