Tuesday Thoughts: Capsule Wardrobe & Minimalism

Happy Tuesday, friends! I am coming in today to share some things that have been rolling around in my head. Here we go.

For some reason in the last month, I have decided I want to get rid of all my things. Not all my things, but the excess, the heavy, the unimportant, distracting things. I am not totally sure where this came from, but it probably has something to do with 5 moves this year and living out of my suitcase the last month at home while Daniel has been away. 

The funny thing about this is that when I left Georgia almost 4 weeks ago, I packed for 1 week.

I stayed for 4 weeks.

Guess what? I only needed what I already had, for the most part. 

This really got me thinking about how the more things we have, the more chaos we have. I realized this for the first time when we moved out of our Holiday Inn hotel room into our new house. Now before I continue, let me first say I love my house and I never loved my hotel room, BUT Daniel and I realized instantly that more stuff = more stress. We now had extra rooms and space to fill them with extra stuff. This meant more cleaning, more laundry which again equaled more time spent on things that didn't matter as much. When we lived in a tiny place with fewer things and only each other, the quality time and rest were so much richer. 

In the last few weeks, I came across a blog that has quickly become a favorite of mine called Un-Fancy. Un-fancy is a minimalist fashion blog that specializes in the capsule wardrobe experiment. This essentially means that you have a compact wardrobe with classic, well-made pieces for each season. You would have a separate capsule for fall, spring, winter, and summer, with some of the pieces translating into other seasons. 

This really got me thinking about how I always feel like I have nothing to wear, but I have so many clothes. Why is this? I have come to the conclusion that it's because I rarely buy clothes on purpose, I just buy them. I see a pretty sweater at Target? I need it. Even though I have no real thought out plans on how or where or why I need it.

Let me break here to say that I have never actually done this, so I am no expert, but I have done lots of research and soul searching in the last few weeks. 

Here's where I stand on it now, before having done this: I need to do some extreme purging and re-ordering of my clothes. If I haven't worn it, or if it doesn't fit, I'm selling it or giving it away. From there, I can always re-purchase something when the time comes. Next, I need to stop buying cheaply processed items that won't last more than one season. This is where the clutter comes in. Why do I need 3 floral kimonos from Forever 21 that are not well made and have the same purpose? 

This leads me to my next big thing: I will aim to never buy clothing that I know has been produced at the cost of child labor and harsh conditions. I will strive to purchase ethically and responsibly made clothing. "'Ethically-made" is defined by fair labor practices, empowering women, fair trade, giving campaigns, and creating sustainable jobsIt means the products made and sold will not be made based on the hardship of another family.'"  This is going to mean that clothes are more expensive because they are more costly to make BUT the pieces will be classic and long lasting as far as wear and style. If you are curious about learning more about ethically made clothing and how so many stores today provide cheap clothing at a high cost to people, I recommend listening to this podcast!

SO where does this put me right now? I have a lot of work to do. I am going to start processing what this looks like practically, knowing that classic pieces also include really fun Athro tops and dresses :) I can't wait to bring each of you on this new journey with me!

What are your thoughts on capsule wardrobe? Have you heard of this!?

Here is another great video that helps talk capsule!